Head Office
IETI House, 195 Voortrekker Road,
Maitland, Cape Town , 7405.
P O Box 3726 Cape Town, 8000.
Tel:(021) 511 8048.
Fax: (021) 511 8145
E-mail: ietict@ietisa.co.za

3 Vervoer Street, Corner Industrial Road,
Kya Sands, 2162.
P O Box 3006, Randburg, 2125
Tel: (011) 462-0784.
Fax: (011) 704-0738
E-mail: ietijhb@ietisa.co.za

Port Elizabeth
14 c/o Uitenhage and Somers Roads, Sydenham, 6001
P O Box 2348, North End, 6056
Tel: (041) 487-1545.
Fax: (041) 484-6048
E-mail: ietipe@ietisa.co.za

INDUSTRIES EDUCATION AND TRAINING INSTITUTE (“IETI”) was established in 1991 and falls under the Further Education and Training band within the National Qualifications Framework.

IETI is committed to the upskilling of employed and unemployed people within South Africa. To this end IETI offers industry-based training that reflects the current needs and demands of learners, organizations and the greater economy.

IETI ensures that training material is relevant and current. We are up to date with the SAQA regulations and requirements that have a significant impact on the education and training environment. Our trainers are also trained Assessors. They are empowered to impart practical skills and relevant theory to learners and then assess whether the necessary training outcomes have been achieved.

IETI is an accredited National Training Provider and is presently conducting training in all the major provinces of South Africa. Our Head Office is based in Cape Town, with additional offices in Gauteng and Port Elizabeth and satellites in Free State, North West and East London.

IETI is fully equipped to offer “MOBILE TRAINING” wherever required, whereby the trainers are taken to the learners in remote areas of the country.

IETI is achieving its purpose through the process of marketable skills development, economic development, career path planning, Adult Basic Education and Training, learnerships and SMME development for its target population. To this end, IETI will influence or attempt to influence the overall training mechanism in a positive manner, in order to fulfil the initiatives instituted by Government and the private sector.

26% of IETIs equity is owned by Black businessmen who are committed to the upskilling and job creation of South Africa's targeted groups.

IETI is registered as a level 4 company on the BBBEE index

Industries Education and Training Institute (Pty) Ltd has Provisional Registration with the Department of Higher Education and Training - DHET
Registration number 2010/FE07/049

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